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A Conscious Carry-all

Posted on 31 October 2017



A Conscious Carry-all


Environmentalism meets feminism in organic cotton totes featuring radical and whimsical designs by bushwick-based artist Dan Flanagan. .



by, Miranda Levingston





Dolores Haze knows that feminism is no longer a one-dimensional word. Our mission is to expose the connection between the socioeconomic disenfranchisement of women and the way our society exploits the environment by engaging in ethical, earth-friendly practices that advocate for the equality of all people. The message isn’t only in the design — it’s in the way it’s made.


That’s where organic cotton production comes in.

Dolores Haze tote bags are made with cotton produced by Econcious, the organic, sustainable, and socially responsible fabric company to avoid the pollution and inhumane practices that come with the normal textile industry.


Dolores Haze is crushing on Econcious because transparency is at the forefront of their mission — meaning Econcious doesn’t BS when it comes to where they source their fabric, who they work with, or how they produce it. Swoon.



Speaking of transparency, the non-organic cotton producers don’t want the consumers to know these dirty little secrets:



  • It takes more than 5,200 gallons of water to produce approximately 2 lbs of non-organic cotton. When considering this, it is no surprise that the cotton industry is destroying large-scale ecosystems in low-income areas like the Aral Sea in Central Asia.
  • Cotton is one of the most chemically intensive crops in the world. Cotton, though harvested on just 14.4 million acres worldwide, accounted for 84 million pounds of pesticides in the year 2000.




In India, the world’s primary cotton exporter, the garment workers (and their families) have suffered birth defects and disabilities due to the use of non-organic pesticides, according to the 2015 textile industry documentary The Cost.fabric company to avoid the pollution and inhumane practices that come with the normal textile industry.


Since the United States is the third largest producer of cotton in the world, one would think that they have their sh*t together when it comes to humane labor practices. But, for some reason, The U.S. ​Federal Fair Labor Standards Act,​ which governs child labor in the United States, provides no minimum age for children working on small farms with their parent’s permission ​(Human Rights Watch).





Photo: Instagram


Collaborator, Artist Dan Flanagan takes much of his inspiration for his designs from an isthmus — the point where two bodies of water join — near his childhood home in Madison, Wisconsin. He uses water’s organic patterns in his undulating artwork to evoke the beauty of typically taboo body parts to provoke his audience to rethink sexuality.



The carefree designs serve a bold purpose: to replace the stigma of female sexuality with a culture that celebrates the female form without objectification and encourages societal gender equality. Flanagan emphasizes that the way to shatter the glass ceiling is to change the current mainstream culture with the tools we’ve all been given — and for him that means art.











And as the saying goes, when life gives you eco-social injustice and sexism, start the conversation with earth-friendly vag tote bags. People say that, right?

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